Just In – Amy Butler Soul Blossoms!

We just received the new Amy Butler Soul Blossoms in and it is full of color and pattern. We really love it! Some prints are reminiscent of classic Amy Butler designs such as her Midwest Modern and Lotus collections.

Buttercups in Cyan

Classic Amy Butler design

Other fabric designs step away from the past with wild prints and bold colors reminiscent of a Jimi Hendrix button down shirt.

Disco Flower in Chocolate

Wild and bold

To view the collection, click here: http://www.moonafabrics.com/catalog/view_collection/2924

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2 Responses to Just In – Amy Butler Soul Blossoms!

  1. Judith Blinkenberg says:

    Just love Amy Butler fabric. I have most all her quilting fabric. Thank you for your great prices and your tutorials. I look forward to shopping with you next month. (spent this months allotment already!) Judy

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